Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey..... what's goin on???

Well besides being busy as always we have added some extra stuff to our plates lately. I have to shout out to my awesome hubby Jim. He has been working so hard that last few weeks on different home projects giving up a lot of play time and personal time. Thanks babe Love Ya!


 Just before the Womens Conference I had some training at UVU. I came home Friday to a new wall being put up in my basement. Jim and I decided it was time for me to have my own place to do crafts, scrapbook and for the toys to be stored. So I came home to a framed wall. Then on Sat. I came home to a complete wall with drywall up and all mudded. After realizing that Jim and the kids weren't home, they were enjoying a day with daddy flying, it dawned on me. Mom and Dad Herbert had come and done it! We called the the sheetrock fairies! Thanks for visiting mom and dad we really appreciate all you do!


Womens Conference was great! I got to attend it live at the Conference center and brought along Lyndi. It was a nice uplifting and spiritual event for me. Something that doesn't happen much at church, due to fighting kids, hungry kids, loud kids... did I mention KIDS! heheh I love them though, wouldn't trade them for the world! 
At the conference, the thing I remember the most is something like, "Don't let the fear of failure discourage you!" I liked that!  We women are so hard on ourselves and it is all because we are scared to do something wrong but doing wrong making mistakes isn't that how we learn and grow? One of my mottos in life is "Exhaustion is NOT a prerequisite to exaltation ."  This is soo true. It is not a bad thing and we are not bad people if we can't do it all.. 
It was also fun to see our college roomie and friend Brooke in the choir. What a beautiful job they did and what an incredible spirit was present.  
After being stuck in a parking garage for 30 mins,  Lyndi and I went to dinner are The Olive Garden. It was a nice night out! Thanks Lyndi for coming and Jim for being a supportive hubby!


The following week we had to get our shed up because of the weather. We have had it since June but just haven't had the time or money to get it up. Well, Jim took off work on the Friday which included waking me up earlier than I am used to to assist. It was a BIG project bigger than we thought however it all went well. Days before we had prepared the ground and Dad H. and Jim had built a nice wood platform for it to set on. So now was have a nice BIG shed out back, a place to store STUFF,  and lots of people to thank for helping us get it done in time for the snow! THANKS Jim Dad and Dan for the hard work, Mom and Cort for helping with the kids, and Brother Troyna for borrowing us your ladder! 


So Conference was very awesome I hope you agree! It was nice to curl up in a warm blanket and sit with Jim to take it all in.  I got much out of it: Find Joy in the Journey, how do deal with sorrow, learning to live within my means and appreciate what I have. plus much more!!


For the priesthood session, Jim went to dinner and the session with his Dad. This is a tradition and Jim loves it. I am glad he wants to go and I don't have to make him or guilt him. :) He always comes home happy he went and fills me in on the details. I am so grateful he honors his priesthood. He is in the young mens now, 2nd Counselor over the 12 yr olds! :) with the calling comes Asst. scout master. It has been quite an adjustment but he is doing well. Last week they earned their ice skating badge, of course Jim just watched he can't skate : }

While at the session my mom came over spontaneously, to paint my new wall. It was a quick job, but well done.  Now we are in the process of getting the 2 rooms back together, organized and functional. A big job, but it needs to be done! I will post pics later.

That is what we are up too! Life is busy we are trying to make Halloween costumes, prepares for a Halloween Community celebration, getting ready for a girls and kids trip with Lyndi to ST G, getting ready for the Primary program, working, eating, serving and enjoying it all! Well we at least TRY to keep a smile on our face! :)


Mandee Gillen said...

Who doesn't love the sheetrock fairies? or paint fairies or anything you need fairies! Your mom and dad are amazing! Great work on the scrapbook room:)

Angela said...

You guys sure do stay busy! I need to see your new room, that is exciting! Hope you guys have so much fun this weekend:)

Smith Fam said...

How exciting! Your hubby and parents are so good to you.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you all have been busy. I am glad things are going well. I don't think we are going out there for Christmas since the ticket prices are insane. I think our plan is to come out at least once a year when the tickets are cheap. I'll let you know the next time we come:)

Amber and Matt said...

That is cool. I am excited to have a house someday that we can paint and do whatever we want to!

brooke allred said...

Yeah! You have a craft room! Your Hubie and parents are great! I think that is the best kind of gift and way to show the love. I fall in love all over again with Chance when he does nice things for me like cleans a bathroom or like now he is helping me restore a pioneer church bench to put in the back yard... When can u get together we need some serious girl bonding!! I am free any time but Tuesday mornings I can get out with out kids really easy...say a day and Lyndi and I will plan around u!

Rich and Crys said...

Holy Crapoly you guys run a million miles a minute! I wish I were as motivated as you! Jim, what a sweetie to put up the framing for Les. And Leslie, you have awesome parents!!! That's so nice that you're going to have a craft room... I wish! By the way, I LOVE the picture of Jo with the underwear on her head... very nice. Haha! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Hannah again=). Well, you are way busy! You know, I totally loved General Conference! One of my teachers said to try and write notes and it really helps you to pay attention! My favorite talk was Elder Uchdorf's =)So, yeah. Well, congrats on your new awesome wall! Tons of love your way!


Melissa said...