Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last Friday we went to a really fun Halloween party in the neighborhood. Our Sweet cousin Staci watched our kids and stayed the weekend. A the party, WE had a good time playing games, eating food, getting to know others in the ward, and laughing about it all!  I am a classy Pat Benatar! I guess! Jim is staff from the show "The Office"

*Tuesday was the annual Light's On activity for my job. It is a district wide event. I have spent several hours getting it ready including shopping for over 15000 pieces of candy, getting donations for the raffle, storing it all at my school and so forth.

Waiting to win the WII!
The age Pre K - #rd GRade winners! I love Mario and Luigi!

The day came... we had over 700 people there. There was a trick or treat, costume contest, raffle, and chaos. While the kids trick or treated they were given a paper to fill out as a family. The paper had ? about afterschool and such. They entered as a family that paper into a raffle. There were movies, gift certificates, tents, sporting equip, candy, ... and a WII. It was a crazy night, we ran a little long, but there were few complaints except when the girl who one the Wii yelled "WAHOO NOW I HAVE 2".. yeah it wasn't good but it was fair.
THAT night my legs were numb, my feet have never ached so bad in my life but it's over!!!
My kiddos came and loved it!

On Thursday we had a small party here at our house. Thanks to Lyndi for pulling it all together. It was great! Some people dressed up and there are pic here http://www.lyndibonefam.blogspot.com/ We had food, played games and just enjoyed company! I was lame and didn't dress up, I was too tired.

HALLOWEEN DAY!!!! WE got up, got dressed into costumes, and headed out. I took JO a sweet beautiful Cinderella to school, then came home got Ryker all "dogged" out and then we went to JOs school for her parade. Since her pre-school is in a elementary we got to experience waiting for the parade. It was fun. I stayed with JO at her school while Jim took Ryker home. It was fun being we her at school, trying to help out. The kids made eyeballs for snack with frosting, vanilla wafers, gummy savers, and choc chips. They then had some dirt cups, and the kids wouldn't eat them until they new it wasn't real dirt and had it stirred in. THEN they had a special visitor, no not SANTA, not a WITCH, but a DOGGIE. The teachers sis brought in her doggie dressed as underdog, to do tricks for the kids. THey LOVED IT!! all in all it was a good day! 

Waiting for Jo in the Parade!


There She Goes!

Peek A Boo!!

Ryker as a cute lil doggy!

Making Eyeballs!
Thats some sour drink! (Gingerale with Orange Sherbet)
Dirt Cups with Gummy Spiders YUM!!!
I got a glow stick hey hey hey!!! 

The Special Visitor! SUPER DOG!!!!
All the girls in Jos class.. so cute!  Giovana, Jo, Emma, Haytie, Evvy

When Jim was with JO that day and I was working and Ryker Sleeping they decided to carve the Big Pumpkin my mom brought over the night before! Well Jo didn't want dad to cut it, so... they drew on it instead. It was funny because they had to take turns on who got to display there drawing. So they would turn it around through out the night! 

*Funny story about how this pumpkin came to us.. My mom was driving around in her orange HHR and this lil boy was selling pumpkins at a corner. He yells "Hey pumpkin car come buy a pumpkin!" so she did!

Jos Side

HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!! Well I got home from work, tried to make some dinner and off we went around the neighborhood. Jo and Ryker loved trick or treating and saying thanks.
My favorites of the night

The Gang ready to go twick or tweating!!! WE actually did part of our ward this year and then went to Lehi

OK so can you tell I was cooking dinner?


Mother and Daughter both with FAKE Smiles!



My BABY :(


AFTER THE FIT, one last pic!!

I Love my family! I am not a huge fan of Halloween but I tried to be more this year. It was a busy month and I can't believe it's passed but on to the really important holidays ahead!!!!


*Jo said would tell the people that answered the door. "I am Cinderella, Ryker is a dog, my Dads a football player. .. but then at one house she says and my Mom is??? MOM... um...WHAT ARE YOU?

*Ryker learning to say"TWEAT" & "Tanks" at the doors. He was soo cute and polite.

*The weather was great!

*Going to Lehi and seeing all the family! We just love being at the grandparents houses! At the Herberts Jo got a princess puzzle, Ryker got a new matchbox car and I got to eat a huge bowl of mom Herberts homemade potato soup!

*ALL THE CANDY of course!


Bonnie said...

Wow, you had a full Halloween:) That is wonderful!

DigandStacee said...

Very cute!!! I love my little niece and nephew! I'm sad that we didn't get to see you guys on halloween though!

brooke allred said...

You all looked so good in your costumes! LOVE yours! Awesome hair! And lets start getting a GIRLS only thing planned! I need a break as I am sure Lyndi and you do too!

Rich and Crys said...

Jo is so beautiful! And Ryker looks so darn cute in his little puppy costum! You have the cutest kids ever! Looks like you all had a great time. :) Oh... are those new curtains I see in the living room??? Did I miss the "after" pictures????

Marisa Jean said...

I'm tired just looking at all of the events you had going on. You really outdid yourself this year! The kids look great, as do you.

Misty said...

Great job on the costumes - you guys go all out!