Monday, June 8, 2009

Schools Out for Summer

-What a fun summer we have been having and it all started off with- 

*Jo graduated from Orem Preschool Elementary on May 28th at 10AM. 

*It was really great! She wore the cutest lil graduation gown and cap that they made in class from a tshirt and paint. They sang some really cute songs, were presented their diplomas (which were compiled of a book she has been making of the ABCs all year called Ants on An Apple!) They showed a slideshow which was soo fun to see what she had been doing all year. Then they broke a class made pinata and ate some cake and punch.  

*The pinata was suppose to be a fire breathing dragon but it looked more like a duck and JO agreed. She said they go to make it in their class and the morning class got to paint it.

*We were blessed to have our Grandpa Herbert, Grandma Innes, and Dad there.  The whole time Ryker was talking to my Dad ^about going for a ride in his blue truck. It was was driving me nuts though and I am sure Grandpa too. Ryker  literally would not be quiet about the truck... until JO came out and started to sing.

*It was soo cute to watch her and her classmates strut their stuff. I am MAD at myself for not having the video camera. They sang the "Stranger Song" the Alaphardy ABCS ( to the jeopardy theme) and "a tootie tatta" song. The expressions on some of the kids faces were to die for. some said "This is so lame with the eye rolling and all"  "Why do I have to do this" "Is it over yet?" and then there were those that had a great time and really got into it and they were FUN!

*JO was one of the kids that did very well. She wasn't shy at the least.. SHE must be My kid? I am thinking of putting her in a dance class. 

*As they were presented her diploma their answers were read to a previous interviews with their teachers "What are you gonna do now that you have graduated preschool?' There were answers like *go to the pool,  *go to the park, *play with friends, *go to Disneyland, and then one boy said *get married  and go to college. Later I found out he really said "Get married to Jo and then go to college" :)! Jo loves the boys and they seemed to like her.

*WE are so grateful we found that preschool and that we could afford it, work out Jims work schedule so he could pick her up and all sorts!! This school was so good for Jo. They helped her so much and she grew in so many ways. She learned to share better, take turns, be happy with what she got and her speech is MUCH better! She has awesome teaches and aides that we will never forget.

*Later that day we went to go to the Dinosaur Museum  at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi but we couldn't find a friend to go with us so we then decided to try out the Childrens Garden there, but the water exhibit was closed so... we went to my mom and dads house and played on the swings, had some cookies, rode bikes, played with baby Macade and of course played in the truck. It was a good day!  


Rusty and Jessica Terry said...

I think my work should be out for the summer.

Misty said...

Wow - you've been just about as busy as I have. PS - I love your blog layout. :)

Jen said...

How cute!!

Lauren Van Wagoner said...

Yes put her in dance! You know how I feel about dance. I've already looked at the schools in the area so I can tell you which one is best price wise and talent. (Well at least in my opinion.)