Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dads Day 2009

Today is a SAD day.. It's Fathers Day 2009 and Jim is pretty sick. 

He got Guitar Hero Metallica for Fathers Day along time ago and hasn't even got to play it today.  :( I love that he is such a big kid! He loves toys, and has a hard time waiting to open his gifts and HE has to have a new toy every time we go to the store. :) SOO CUTE!

I have been at girls camp all week long and am still exhausted so I am a crappy wife today. He didn't get breakfast in bed because, 1- he wakes up earlier than me and had already had a slim fast, and 2- he was worshipping the porcelain god when I FINALLY awoke.  I didn't get him a cookie @ church because I was too late getting to the people since I had a potty break. sorry :(  I will make it up to you I promise!

He has had a hard week and he even had to miss BBQ steaks at his mom house tonight. He is still a trooper though. HE  is a really good dad. When I stay home I tend to worry about being a mom and wife too much with the cleaning, cooking, working... ANd when he is home with the kids he PLAYS and PLAYs and PLays some more!  I LOVE IT! 

Now he was suppose to leave for scout camp tomorrow and was really looking forward to it but now because he is sick he has to stay home. He is heart broken!

He is tough though and not a whiner. He will get better and I hope sooner than later.  If he is not better he will also miss his Helicopter Fun Fly in Logan this weekend. That would be a shame since we had to miss St George one in April and he lives for them.  I hope he gets better. He deserves this break. He now has 3 jobs, and works soo hard for us and our family. We don't go without and are doing fine and it's all because of him. 

I love you Jim you are a great hubby and father. I mean what father plays barbies with his little girl and likes it or at least pretends  to? There may be some out there but I don't know many.

Ang took some pics of him for a head shot for one of his jobs  a few weeks ago. They are taken in front of his NOVA that is sadly rotting away in his parents drive way. It was a young boy project that he accomplished. It's a good car but needs some work. If we had some extra dough and a place to store it I am sure he would make it even better than it was. He always does good at setting a goal and getting it done. Anyway Ang is an awesome photographer and we really appreciated this quick shoot she did for us. Sorry for stealing the photo from your blog ang... I just was on the wrong computer.

*** I also have to say I LOVE both my other dads too. I am so blessed to have them in my life. My dad, AKA Gpa Mike, took time off work to watch the kiddos last week so I could go to girls camp. The kids were good for him and he even took them to McDs. He loves the grandkids and is such an awesome grandpa. He also makes me great things for my house and kids and is always willing to help out. I love you DAD!

I am blessed  to have such an awesome Father in Law. Gpa Jim is the bomb! His dry sense of humor just kills me.  :) He is soo good with my kids and makes us all feel so special. He lives the gospel to the fullest and is a great example of patience and unconditional love.  He really knows how to make someone smile and even though I hate sports, and watching them, being with him at this time brings a smile to me face. He is sooo funny! I lOVE his energy!

I am so very blessed to still have a grandpa alive. My grandpa Herbert is a great old man! He became blind from a mining accident when my dad was a teen so he hasn't ever seen me but I know he knows who I am. He is a great conversationalist and really helps one to define who they are. He doesn't let the little things in life bug him and is an incredible person, nonjudgmental and so caring. He is a lawn mower mechanic,  fixes cars, raises some animals, fixes his own meals, and all by the sense of touch. He inspires me to not let the handicaps in life slow us down. He is a hard worker and I admire his ambition in life!


Lauren Van Wagoner said...

Poor Jim! We have plenty of BBQ steaks left over here if he wants some. (Can you tell I want them gone.) Colby did it so it's Genuine Southern BBQ. They're good but we have so much meat in our freezer and I want to cook it and make room for Liz's Baby Food. I hope Jim gets to feeling better so that he can enjoy Guitar Hero. Also I'm pretty sure my dad never played Barbie's with me.

Jen said...

I'm so sad for Jim!! I pray he feels better so he can go to Logan this weekend. I know how much you say he has been looking forward to it!!