Monday, December 1, 2008


OK so I know I haven't posted since Halloween and that is pretty sad however life has been BUSY!  We are happy and healthy and all is well. What we been up to? Well mostly work and play, either on the house, at our jobs or with family!

I have been organizing  my 4-H Afterschool Programs service project. We are donating a decorated Christmas tree to the Festival of Trees.  The tree and wreath is
themed and it has been lots of work, but fun. Here are some pics of the kid at school working on making candy garland, trains, gumdrop bulbs, gingerbread people and more! TOMORROW is the big day that I get to go take it up to the festival and spend hours decorating it. Jim is coming with me and I am soo glad. He is so supportive of my job and the extras that come with it! I will post pics of the final pics later. If you haven't heard of the Festival of Trees it is an awesome expo where ALL proceeds go to the Primary Childrens Hospital. There are tons of trees all sizes, gingerbread houses, boutiques and candy shops to browse, buy and just enjoy. Here is the website if you are interested in a good family outing...

I also had one of the parent nights for my cooking club. We had more than expected show up. I bet we fed at least 40 people. The cooking club kids did a great job making chicken tortilla soup, queso, salad, banana split brownie sundae! It was neat to see so much support for these kids and to see actual conversation going on between them and their parents. I LOVE MY JOB!!

This past week has been so busy. On Tuesday night after getting home from service project day, making  for along day at work, my mom called with 2 free tickets to "A Christmas Carol" at the HALE CENTER THEATER. 


Jim and I took her up on that offer and the offer to take the kids for the night. We made a date out of it starting off with yummy Cafe Rio!!!!

The play was good really got me in the mood for Christmas. I highly recommend it! 
We topped our  night off with some yummy ice cream and the newest CHUCK episode!

Our turkeys!! We had to disguise them so they wouldn't get cooked for Thanksgiving. This was our singing time activity for Primary last week! JO has played with them numerous times since and the kids in primary loved it, both ages!

Gwampa coloring with the kids. This is Rykers new FAVORITE thing. He knows all his colors and is so proud. This is the 1st thing he asked to do when he wakes up even!

Thursday was turkey day and it was delicious! WE ate dinner at the Innes.  It's always fun to eat special meals there, mom gets out her gorgeous china and goblets, lets us toast to the occasion and we always have meaningful conversations. Thanksgiving time is all about family to me! I love being with family. 
After Jim, Mom, Ross, and Ang all played the new "The Office"  DVD game while I searched the ads.  
who do you think won?

(Jim got the kids these cute matching shirts)

After the fun we went to the Herberts for pie and more ad looking. We scoped out our deals, grabbed a cousin to spend the night, had some more pie and BBQ turkey and headed home.

FRIDAY we went out shopping at 7:30AM. I tried to do 5 but wasn't feeling so hot. I was grateful that Jim went with me this year. It was much more fun! He found some great deals, doorbusters in return carts, randomly stashed items that we wanted and did it all with a smile! I love Black Friday!!! I love to shop in the crowds call me crazy but it is just fun. However we got alot on our list done, now what do I do when I get off work soon? hmmm home projects! :)

Saturday we took our kids to the mall to walk around BaD IdEA no not really. It was soo packed but still a good getaway and some good exercise! That night Ma and Pa Innes took our kids, even on his birthday grandpas Jim was so willling, and Jim and I went to the new Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" I liked it but  I like Bond. Afterwards we did MORE shopping just can't spend enough money I guess.

Today is Sunday and it's a good day. We just celebrated Grandpas 59th Bday with a great dinner and cake. JO helped make his card and we had some laughs. The cake was delicious even if some of it had some wax on it from all 59 candles takin so long to lite. heheeh!! really some were burned all the way down to the cake! 

WE love our grandpa Jim! He is so awesome! What a great example he is to our little family. He always shows us what's important. He holds and honors his priesthood and chooses the right! He takes care of his family, is healthy and fun we couldn't ask for a better one!


nate and marne said...

you are smart for not going so early. we were there before 5, cuz rachel had been up since 345. i figured why stay home when there is shopping?? there wasn't anything great though, and being broke, it had to be awesome to get!! looks like you guys had fun though!

Marisa Jean said...

You are busy! Holy smokes. The world needs more good people like you involved in the community. Glad to see you are alive and kickin.

Maran said...

Yes, I agree with the above statement. You are so busy and such a good person for all that you do. What a good example you are to people like me:)

Jen said...

That's awesome that you love your job! I'm sure they all love you. We are going to the Hale theater (in AZ) tomorrow to see "A Christmas Carol". We saw it last year and thought it was excellent!
We'll probably see you guys in a couple of weeks :)