Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

We decorated our family tree last Saturday and then this Monday night, for Family night, we decorated the kids tree. Here are some pics of Jo and Rykers tree. They insist we turn the lights on every morning. Ryker is really in love with holiday lights and he is so much fun. He calls them"wites" and has to go outside to see our house lights everynight. He is now learning his colors and is soo proud. He tells you the colors of the lights. Also the first thing he asks for in the morning or when he goes to the grandparents house it to... "Cuwa" he says.

On Friday night we went up to see the trees at the festival Jo, Jim, Cuz Shelbey, and I. We left Ryker with Grandma/pa Herberts because of 2 fears; 1- he would get restless to soon and 2-he would break something. There were too many people there so it wasn't as joyable as the set up day. As of 9:30 last night my 4-H kids tree hadn't sold. I was sad but life goes on. I feel it's priced a little high and I didn't put enough stuff to go with it under it but oh well. All trees that don't sell are still donated to charity so it's still serving someone. There were some incredible trees there glass ones, wood ones and my favorite one all decorate in PEZ dispensers! The kids loved to search out their favorite pez head characters. I learned ALOT for next year. Especially to go in the day time and not the night before closing night. Here is my candyland tree these pics just don't do it justice.

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