Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our trip to Sunny St. George

Hey All

Well we had a nice weekend in St George! It was warm, sunny and a great break from school and work. We took my 13 yr old cousin Staci with us to help out and that was great.
I got to play in the pool, have lunch with my old college roomie Annaca and her 2 adorable girls at a park, walk through her new house and shop a little .. OK alot!

Jim got to so what he loves best FLY FLY FLY!!! It was a great time. He was still good about his "diet" but enjoyed the time with his flying buddies.

The kids had fun too especially in the pool. Jo was a little water shy at first and wouldn't get in w/o both the water tube and floaties, then she went to just floaties and playing on the steps then finally the last day she was swimmin in the water with floaties but all by herself. It was great! RYKER on the other hand loved the water once he was in and loved jumpin in to our arms from the side. He still didn't like getting his ears wet but didn't mind it in the face as much as we had many splashin wars with him.
We also bought the chipmunk movie and watched it down there. It was really cute I highly recommend it totally brought back the old days of watching the cartoons on TV.
It was good times really and hard to come home to SNOW.. yes more SNOW in APRIL. We really would love to live there! 
 NOW tomorrow Jim and I are off to Price UT for a 4-H Conference. It will be fun to go to a bunch of classes, learn new stuff like how to garden... and have a small get away with Jim that is paid for mostly and on the clock!  WATCH for a slideshow!


Smith Fam said...

I wish I was in St. George right now. I love it down there!

Annaca said...

We had fun too!! I'll email you pics when I have more time...I don't suggest holding your breath :) Thanks for hanging out, it was great to see you guys!

mommysgirls said...

Great fun! I miss St. George, (not so much in July though.) Your weekend trip sounds fun. Let me know if you have any gardening tips! :)

Scott and Maran said...

I've only passed through St. George a couple of times. Scott and I need to to for a visit someday. It looks so beautiful down there.

Amber and Matt said...

Sounds like fun! Mom said all the family is in town this week (except us). Makes me home sick but we will see you guys Christmas time for sure!