Sunday, February 10, 2008

We have been BU..SY!!!

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun and important events, to just the same old stuff but we won't bore you with that.

Jo celebrated her 4th birthday on the 31st of January with a SpongeBob themed family birthday party at grandma Herberts house. It was fun, we played 'button button" anyone remember that game? The kids loved it and it was fun to watch my mom play with the little kids she is just a kid herself somtimes. Then we had cake and ice-cream. Jo and I earlier that day made cupcakes that were a marble mix of yellow and chocolate cake mix and filled them with a twinkie like based filling. Then we topped them off with cream cheese frosting, yellow sprinkles, and a mini playing card with the one and only SpongeBob on it. They were great for the kids and it was cheap compared to a $45 dollar cake. Jim had a purchased german chocolate cake for he and the extra adults.
We also broke a Pinata... well not really, they don't make them like they used to. I guess maybe to many black eyes? I dunno. NEWAY her spongebob pinata had several ribbons attached to his bottom and it was just a lucky string that opened him up. It wasn't as climatic as is bashing him to pieces but it was safer and he is reusable if anyone needs one? JO was very spoiled as she ALWAYS is with presents galord. It was nice to be with the whole Herbert clan, the Humes, and the Woodbury's some very close family and friends. We are so blessed to have such great love and support from our familes. We love living so close to be able to call on them in time of need and that they can watch our kids grow up weekly as they grow up all too fast.

Jim's bday was the following Saturday the 2nd. He is the BIG 31 years and is doing great. After watching the touching funeral of our dear prophet Pres. Hinckley, we went on with our day. He went flying of course it was very nice weather and that has been rare here this time of year and I went shopping.. for him of course. After the sun set and the shopping was done we finished off the night w/ another Herbert dinner party at "Goodwood" a delicious smokehouse here in Orem. This was a treat for Jim as he is very strict to his diet and is kicking trash with it. It was again nice to be with the whole family and enjoy a meal that mom Herbert or Innes hadn't slaved all day over. We love being around family and our kids love their grandparents on both sides a ton more than us boring parents.
Sunday we got to go to the Innes for more cake and fun. First yummy homemade Cafe Rio, then the Superbowl....GO GIANTS... and then cake and icecream for Jim and Jo again. It was nice and Holly and Jarin came and played too.

Now this past week I have had work events, school which I sluffed b/c I was just too tired. I hosted a successful Bunco on Thursday and it was fun. THEN Sat I hosted a baby shower for Angela and Alessandra at my mothers house...AKA the "party house." I appreciate her, her talents, and her house! Every one was willing to pitch in with food or help in someway and that was nice as it was the 3 big dinner or meal I had to prepare that week and I was beat. We had a nice baked potato bar with all the fixins, soup, salad, homemade rolls, thanks mom Herbert, costco cake and mom Innes' the ultimate brownies thanks mama Innes. It was a success, I think anyway, and I didn't have much food left because of the awesome  attendance. It was great to be with friends and family and see all those cute little baby clothes. We will miss Ang and Ross when they move away so it was nice to be able to do it for her.

That night Jim and I got to finish our very busy week with a nice adult only Ward Valentine dinner. It was good food, "funeral dinner" nice and relaxing and great entertainment. 

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Annaca said...

Isn't it crazy how our crazy lives can get even crazier!! It's funny, but I almost do better when I'm super busy. I guess it's because I don't have a choice...I don't know. Actually, I took this stress management class recently :), and we mostly focused on how to handle and manage our stress (hence the name of the class), but our instructor always wanted to make the point that even though we have a lot of "stuff" going on now, later on we'll still have a lot of "stuff" going on! Haha, always something to look forward to! But anyway, that's just some food for thought. I'm glad you survived your week of birthday bliss :) By the way, Jo is such a beautiful little girl, she has such a pretty smile! Ok, so that was a 10 page comment, talk to you later :)