Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snow, Helis, and Sleepovers?

On Wed. night after work I too got stuck on the freeway in the white out. I left orem at 5:15 and pulled into Lehi Jr High for school at 6:25 crazy it usually takes me 15 mins. I think i waited a good 25 mins just between the last american fork exit and the lehi one and that is not a far distance. AND after all that school got cancelled. GRRR Oh well its kickin my trash anyway. So I went to my mom and dads. Dad had dinner almost done for he and mom and invited me to join him, since new mom would also be stuck on the freeway. I did some homework, talked with cousin Nakell,  and watch Deal or no Deal with Dad. Then at about 9:00PM I dared the drive home and surprisingly it was a fast, normal commute.  I too was glad to be safe, not stuck in the snow and really  glad I wasn't one of the teachers that had to sleep  at their school with the elementary students in Alpine.

Today Jim has been building a helicopter for a review for the magazine he writes for. He loves to build his machines. It is 2:27 AM and I am bloggin? hehehe yeah I know I should be doing homework and I am gonna pay for it in the morn. But oh well...but earlier tonight Feb 15th I got to go to dinner with my 1st year college roomies. It was soo fun! We went to Mi Ranchitos  sp? in AF and then took a tour of Brooke and Chances awesome new house that is near the "sleep over school in Alpine! FUN STUFF! It was nice to get together. We are so lucky to have the 4/6 within 15 mins of each other. 

Well now I think I will go to bed... or do some homework! YEAH RIGHT


Annaca said...

How fun you guys got together. I guess my invite got lost in the mail...HAHAHA, totally being dorky! One of these days we'll have to plan a BIG reunion, whatdoyathink?! K, now I'm really done commenting on all of your posts for now ;)

Maran said...

I can't believe that you are awake at 2:30 in the morning. That's crazy! I'm sorry that you got stuck in the white out....I have a friend who's husband was stuck in it for 5 hours. I can't wait for the snow to stop!