Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh my my my have I got ALOT of Catchin' Up to Do

I will be posting multiple posts from July --> Now. Some may be posted sporadically and others as a marathon. As I take on this large task I don't expect anyone to comment, or even read them all as they are for genealogy sake and "old news" however it must be done.

Some events to look forward to seeing pics from...

4 Family Vacations

1- San Diego, CA for a HUGE Trasmundi Family Reunion (Jims moms side)
2-Yellowstone National Park with the Tippets
3-Phoenix, Arizona to visit Aunt Crystal and Uncle Richie
4-St. George, UTAH Annual April Fools Fun Fly/Easter Holiday

* Leslie also went to St. George to reunite with first year college roomies!!!

*Jim went on a business trip to Daytona Beach Florida

Some little outings
  • Scout Camps
  • Seven Peaks
  • Picnics at Bridal Veil Falls
  • Fall Festivities
  • UHA Annual FunFly
11 Major Holidays
  1. Halloween
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Christmas
  4. New Years
  5. Our 7th Anniversary
  6. Jo's 6th Bday
  7. Jims 33 Bday
  8. Valentines Day
  9. My 28th Bday
  10. St Patricks Day
  11. & Easter
*Leslie ran her first 5K

*We tried to make homemade bottle grape juice and conquered!

*Jo started Kindergarten

*Ryker started Joy School

*Jo tried out Dance Classes

*In both extended families we have had a total of 3 births 1 divorce and 1 engagement (wedding in Aug)

*We are both working still, me with 4-H Afterschool and Jim at UVU, RWL, and RC Heli Mag.

*We are BOTH still serve in the Youth Organizations of our church.

*We live in the same house and yes I still want a bigger one.

*Jo has lost 3 of the 4 front teeth and they are coming in nicely.

*Ryker is POTTY TRAINED!!! Early Christmas Present for US!

*Jo can READ!

*Ryker is too smart for his own good. hehehe

*ALSO we have all been sick VERY sick but who wants to hear about that.


Heidi said...

That IS some catching up to do! Congrats on the 5K. Also, love your family pic up top!

Tami said...

Fun to see an update! Hope all is well!

Lyndi said...

Jo's lost 3 teeth? Wow!

Marisa Jean said...

Great update. Can't believe how big your kids have gotten. Goodness! :) Keep up the posts, I love seeing what's going on!

Carolyn said...

Hi leslie!

Thanks for the feedback on the pics! We took them at the Harley Davidson building. We only used the one wall but there were some really cool spots all over the place!

Jen said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures that go along with this update :D

Lindsey said...

I love the picture of you guys at the top! Sounds like life is crazy and is going to stay that way for a while :)