Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I can breathe!

It is 11:59 PM on Wed the 12 of December. I am actually going to get to bed before 1am maybe. This is the first in a week or so.
That said, I am officially done with school for 2007! I loved my Medical Terminology class but the psychology class was so rushed I am afraid I didn't even get anything from it but a headache from no sleep. But. nevertheless it's over and I am glad. I am grateful to get to go to school for low cost and a husband who supports it, so I shouldn't whine.

Now School is Over I plan to finally...
1- CLEAN my house.. I have never gone this long with a un-mopped kitchen floor!
2- Finish the Christmas tree, its been up since the Sat after Thanksgiving but with Jo taking all the ornaments off to "match da colors" and Ryker turning them into rollable balls, I have had to redo it 3 or 4 times. So maybe I will the get the bows on it and post a pic.
3- Get my shopping done as I am usually done by Dec. 10, what a shame :)
4- Spend some time with my family ..Jims works party, Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo, a movie...
5- And... well work. I still get to work but you already know I love that! Just not at finals time!

So good luck to you who all still have tests and stuff! Take Care--I am off to bed!

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maran said...

Yes....I understand your pain...I am going through finals this week and will finally be done with school forever. After 20 years of being in school I will also finally be able to breath.