Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jimandles.com is a bust - Welcome to our "Newness"

Hi everyone, welcome to the new Innes family blog. The old Jimandles.com website is no more, it died of neglect about 3 years ago (last updated October 25, 2004) and I finally got around to the burial. Moment of silence please.....

Our new blog will be better, stronger, faster, and more importantly - updated. Our little family has increased by one since those carefree days of 2004. Our daughter Jo is three years old and our son Ryker is now one. We hope you enjoy the adventures of Jim, Leslie, Jo, and Ryker as much as we do!!

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daveUK said...

Hey dudes
Nice to hear from the far flung family.
betty is well still working at intel and I am in the very painful throes of painting the whole house.
Jessica Dan and Lucas are all fine. Tho' Lucas whacked Dan with a remote and knocked out one of his teeth. Painful!!!
Jessica is now very obviously pregnant with hert daughter-to-be Audriana.
Love to ya'll
Dave & Betty